Better Living through a Slightly more Dangerous Lifestyle

You need adventure in your life.

A surprising statement? Think about it a sec. We’re all wired for risk. We love stories with uncertain outcomes. We’re at our best when overcoming challenges.

Admit it, we feel truly alive when we’re facing risks.

And yet our society prizes comfort and safety most of all. We are told to avoid risk, and to be safe, above all else. So what impact does this have on us over time? Boredom? Apathy? Depression? Worse…?

My name’s Eric, founder of Adventure Experience, and I’m going to suggest we all take a break from the comfort and safety in our culture and feel truly alive again!

Eric Sprinkle is an Adventurer and Speaker who has traveled the world, summiting active volcanoes in New Zealand, swimming with sea turtles in Guam, navigating the man-made canyons of Japan, and kayaking among glaciers in Alaska. Closer to home, he most recently worked for the US Air Force as a Swiftwater Rescue Instructor and Whitewater Guide Instructor.

“If it was outdoors and risky, my job was to make it accessible and fun.”

For years, he led participants on Class IV whitewater adventures through narrow gorges and breathtaking canyons, witnessing firsthand the power of adventure in people’s lives. To challenge and exhilarate, but also to open their eyes to possibilities in themselves they never even imagined.

That’s right, no need to visit Everest – adventure can impact you every day, and everywhere.

“Are you slowly dying of boredom at work? Feeling off-track in life? Disengaged with relationships? Because I’d love to share my 10+ years of insights into exactly how risk, challenge, and adventure can help improve your everyday life, leaving you a healthier, happier person in your work, at home, in your relationships… Well, you get the picture.”

Ready for some fun?


"Lets talk about living a little more dangerously..."

Eric’s enthusiasm is energizing, the photos are breathtaking, and his talks will leave you wanting to dive into challenges in all areas of your life!

• Why are you at your best when taking risks and overcoming challenges?
• Is a culture that values safety and comfort really damaging to your soul?
• And just exactly how does adventure make you a better person?

“Want to leave your attendees charged up and ready to apply lessons they probably didn’t even know they were learning? Connect with me and let’s schedule a talk that will inspire your attendees with memorable, exciting stories, and clear applicable steps to go out and start to enjoy living, not just existing.”

Most Popular Talks

The Power of Enjoy Life

Better Living through a Slightly more Dangerous Lifestyle

Is work just one YouTube video after another? Is home just one channel after another? All of it, woven together with Social Media postings… May I offer an alternative?

Welcome to a life well lived.  A life you enjoy.  A life you welcome each and every morning.  Full of excitement, purpose, and yes, possibilities.

An inspiring 45 minute Keynote presentation that will leave attendees energized and ready to jump into the challenges in their lives.

The Power of Open Eyes

Embracing the Reality of Who You Truly Are

How could you not know who you are and what you’re good at?  You’re you!  Except that you and I suffer from a disconnect.  A flawed perception of ourselves that happens right under our noses.  Identifying this issue and learning to work around it is the key that will boost your self-confidence and steer you away from numerous future pitfalls.

An instructional 20-40 minute talk that will open attendee’s eyes to a game changing perspective that helps them at work, home, in relationships… The list goes on and on.

The Power of Inspire

You’ve faced challenges.  Here’s how to use them to make a difference in someone else’s life.

Risks?  Lost count.  Challenges?  Every day for years.  But now that life has gotten a bit predictable, you wonder, “Are all of those experiences now just stories to tell..?”

Not a chance.  Come hear how you turn a life of ‘living dangerously’ into an opportunity to open the eyes of the next person.

An engaging 20 – 40 minute talk specifically designed to ask questions about who you are, what you’ve done, and how to use ‘your story’ to challenge and inspire others.

  • Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

    — Helen Keller —
  • Stop a moment. Cease your work. Look around you.

    — L. Tolstoy, Russian Novelist —
  • What is hard to endure will be sweet to remember.

    — Anonymous French Proverb —


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